A live chat is a real-time method of communication between a website hosting provider's support crew and its customers. It's an efficient method to get some information about the website hosting services or get some issue resolved since you are talking to a live representative. The benefits of using a live chat service rather than calling or opening a support ticket are the lower chance of mistakes when you exchange information such as usernames or domain names, the more rapid response time because the communication is live and the fact that you do not have to stay on the chat all the time - you're able to do something else entirely while the agent examines the issue involved. What's more, you are able to connect with a live chat room from any computer that is connected to the world wide web, avoiding the phone charges that you'll need to pay in case you're calling to another country.

Live Chat Support in Cloud Web Hosting

As we consider the fact that a number of troubles are quickly resolved if you talk to a live person, we offer a live chat service for all our prospective and current customers. Our chat is online every single day and our support representatives will help you with a variety of questions and problems. In case you aren't our client yet, you can find out more about our cloud web hosting packages and the hosting environment in general to make sure that your websites will operate properly on our servers. In case you already have an account and you have some questions or you have any troubles with some of our services, you'll be able to get in touch with us through the live chat and we will provide the necessary details or assist you to troubleshoot the problem. You will have to open a support ticket for certain issues that need longer time or the expertise of a sysadmin, still for the majority of standard troubles you will get help right away.

Live Chat Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The live chat support service that we provide is online every day, even on weekends and holidays. It is the most effective way to learn more information about our semi-dedicated hosting if you don't have an account yet or to get an issue resolved if you are a client and our customer care representatives will help you in real time regardless of the time of the day you join the chat. In case you're unsure which package is more appropriate for your sites, in case you need a piece of advice whether you should acquire a particular upgrade and how to order it or when you've got difficulties setting up an e-mail account on your machine, you are able to get in touch with us and we will provide you with the necessary information at once. The live chat is available even after our telephone lines are off for the day, which means that if you have an account here, you can be sure that you'll always benefit from timely help with any kind of question or problem that pops up.